Sunday, 8 April 2007

Look out Below!

The Greens are coming

Leeds United 2 (Healy 45, Michalik 87) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Halmosi 36)

So another defeat, and even after the players have recovered from their sore asses after the Burnley defeat we still don't get a result. This last week we have a score line of 1:9 goals. So this time we scored a goal - some improvement at least - but give away two sloppy ones. Oh for that Leeds nutter to have accidentally knocked the ball in during his pitch invasion. I think we've reached the stark reality that we are just a mediocre club, with medicre support and mediocre clout in the wages department. We had a lucky start to the season but that has promised too much, riding the wave of play offs, new manager, FA cup run (where did that come from?) had lead to this recessionary feel. Currently I feel that we should still be worried about not getting much - if anything - from the last 5 games, and that the bottom half of the table is still changeable. It's not good enough to "be the better team" but not win. Plucky Argyle is becoming Push Over Argyle.

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