Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Burnley 4 (Duff 13, McVeigh 20, Jones 38, Elliott 61 ) - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Warning - this article contains a rant.

So 4-0.
What a huge steaming pile of manure. No player turned up today at all, there was no interest from them at all. A disgrace to the club. It's no good thinking 'we're midtable so we're safe' or 'we were so hard done by in the FA Cup - woe is us', you have to play till the end of the season. Holloway said that every player was playing for their place on the squad, but after tonight not one of them deserves to wear the green (and yellow) shirt next season; don't they take Ollie seriously, or do they not really want to be in the squad?

And what's with the see-through tactics? Every set-piece was exactly the same - free kicks to far post, goal kicks up to Hayles, throw ins to Fallon. Clubs don't need to do any research or have an need to adapt during the game.

It's times like this when it's hard to say 'support the club no matter what' but when you've made the effort to give up a day's holiday at work, travel 7 hours, pay £28 travel, £18 match ticket, beer, food; and they can't even be arsed. Argyle are going to pay dearly from this - Leeds is a certain loss, we'll be walked all over - lots of people at Turf Moor said that Leeds will be their final match of the season unless somethng happens, and next year's season tickets are looking in doubt. Especially with the lack of ambition at the club regarding off pitch affairs.

Things can only get better.
But then again, this is nothing new to Argyle.

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