Sunday, 15 April 2007


Luton Town 1 (O'Leary 52) - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Norris 4, Halmosi 40)

Thankfully taking a day out of my holiday to take a bus ride, 2 trains and 1 tube to get to Luton was worth the effort after Argyle beat Luton and ease their fall into League One. Argyle were fairly poor for most of the game but Luton were worse. Argyle took an early lead thanks to Norris, and Halmosi made it 0-2 just before half time, but Luton were there for the taking. They were all over the place, but Argyle couldn't capitalise on this and given them a good hiding, with passing going missing and opportunities in front of the goal being wasted. And then they lost their way completely in the second half, enabling Luton to net the ball and come extremely close on several other occasions in some rapid end-to-end play. But it wasn't enough for Luton, whose fans turned on the team during the first half and on themselves during the second by voicing their reasons for their table position.
Hayles, back as captain again, lead the way with some choice words and hot headedness as usual which led Ollie to sub him a few minutes after he dhould have walked-luckily the referee decided to issue a warning rather than a second yellow card. And this saw Sinclair's last ever match in a green shirt this season, hopefully this talentied inspirational player will return to Home Park this summer, or will go on to become a world class footballer thanks to his time with us.

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