Friday, 1 December 2006

Trip down Memory Lane

I have just spent 3 hours looking for a website that was under my nose all the time, grrr!

I came across the following site
(Plymouth Argyle FC Flickr photoset) about a month ago, which primarily documents Home Park before, during and after redevelopment of phase 1 (amongst the antics of a naked PAFC supporter at the World Cup) and is a fabulous trip down memory lane.

I particularly remember when young having an irrational fear of the Lyndhurst turnstiles (pictured), and looking at that picture it still gives me the shivers.

And I also discovered my first 'official link' to this blog thanks to Semper Viridis! Cheers mate.


Green Jester said...

Cor remember those turnstiles well PG..good Blog by the way...


Anonymous said...

Oi, that's my picture set!!


Prodigal Green said...

I know Ian, that's why it was under my nose all the time.