Thursday, 14 December 2006


All though the extent of his injury is not yet fully known, it looks like Paul Wotton's knee will keep him out of the team till the end of this season at least, and this leaves us without a Captain.

Holloway has not yet decided who should take over the armband, although [Barry] Hayles has filled in 3 times this season (Cardiff, Southampton & Luton) but Hayles may not have the right temperament to take on the role permanently - he is too argumentative with the referee. Supporters have debated the problem but cannot decide on a definitive answer with suggestions ranging from Norris, Aljofree, Nalis and Doumbe. The trouble is that Wotton has always been captain, and except for a few sub-ings etc, it's hard to see just who could take over.

But no doubt, this is going to knock the stuffing out of the squad - there have already been reported [by Holloway himself] incidence in training because of the lack of a captain - and it doesn't bode too well for Saturday's match at PNE, especially with the other injuries.

Everyone hopes that Paul gets well soon and we hope too that the lads will pull together and play this and subsequent matches to their best

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