Sunday, 3 December 2006

I guess that's why they call them the Blues

Birmingham City managed to show Plymouth to be the small club that everyone thinks we are; outclassed in style, power, threat, perseverance and everything else; from their second goal I knew that the game was lost and that the next 1 1/2 hours of my life were going to be wasted, 3-0 and the game was dead and buried.

Yesterday, Ollie got it wrong, the change in squad that shook up the Luton game to success was too much, and unlike when Birmingham won 0-1 earlier in the season inspite of Argyle being the better team, yesterday they never really got started. The flaws that were always there were shown up to be the cracks they've developed into: lack of height, the awful corners - why do people get excited about corners, when they're always the same? - and just the general nature of a small squad with no money. This season for some reason we are racking up the cards and the injuries so much more so than last, and though the squad is versatile enough, the players are no longer coping.

A lot of people expected a massive loss today (4+-0) and we were good enough to hold it at 3-0, thanks to Luke's saves in the second half. But again, in front of the largest away attendance (2,700), the fans were let down like they were in front of the largest home attendance (17,088 Leeds). Will Argyle do the treble this season and fail in front of the cameras against Coventry?

Today sees the draw for the FA cup 3rd round, and many supporters would have liked a cup run this season, and a few weeks back it seemed possible, but now with the squad not coping in the league, the excess of a cup run will make it unlikely that we'll make any progress.

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