Saturday, 9 December 2006

Toothless Tigers and Powerless Pilgrims

Plymouth 1 - 0 Hull; but the score line hides a lot.

With a severely depleted squad due to injuries and suspensions, Holloway fielded a decidedly young team to normal, but even with the new blood, the old problems were still apparent and if only either side could finish, there would have been far more goals.

It seems obvious to all that playing the high-long ball is not workable, they just get headed back and forth, so why are we still playing that way? Get it on the deck and pass!

To add salt to the wound, our paper-thin squad is even thinner after Wotton sustained a very bad injury which will see him out for a long time (this season at least) and is a loss of a long standing, experienced member, and skipper. However he has been subbed and dropped from the team before; we coped then, can we cope again? Though it did give the chance for our newest member, Gosling, to come on and by all accounts fielded a very good impression.

And if Hayles is to take over as skipper, he is definitely got to learn some self restraint, there have been too many bookings for dissent by him this season and was riding by the seat of his pants 2nd half when he sarcastically called the referee’s judgment into question over a foul. Luckily the referee laughed back at him as a booking should have been forthcoming.

As some would say "a win is a win is a win", does it matter how we get there?

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