Saturday, 23 December 2006

No Bore Draw

Argyle 2 - 2 West Bromwich

Inspite of the dire scoreline, because of both WBA goals coming in the first half added time, today's match was one of the most entertaining this season.

Larrieu made a return between the sticks and made of great saves in the second half but had to do a lot of back tracking due to commiting too early and missing, and of course they're goals; and Djordjic had "Hasney's Curse" upon him today and was (unneccesarily?) subbed early on due to a bleeding nose.

But a much better performance all round once we settled down, though again but for our poor finishing, hoofball and the keepers' performances, the scoreline should have been much higher.
And this is why I am extremely wary of Argyle leading in the first half.

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