Sunday, 17 December 2006


Have the wheels fallen off Argyle’s happy bandwagon?

Well at the moment, yes. Another 3-0 drubbing, this time at Preston, has shown our squad up for the paper that-you-can-spit-through thinness that it is.

Today’s woeful performance was a Birmingham mark II, and once again you were left wondering after 2-0 down why the heck you’ve just spent £50+ and 17 hours on a coach. It was evident again that Holloway’s tinkering with positions due to injuries (and some players he just doesn’t like) is doing nothing to allow the lads to settle down, especially as players are having to fill in out of position, and the captain’s out for the season (at least). It seems that the spark that was evident in the early games has been extinguished for good, and with 3 games before January, when there is the possibility of fresh blood (some cynics may say, judging by the last 2 transfer and loan windows, don’t hold your breath), this festive season is going to be a big struggle for the greens.

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