Saturday, 7 February 2009

Women and Children First

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 3 Derby County (Teale 43, Hulse 46, Hulse 52)

A green tint will say we've got 2 good points from 2 difficult games, a brown tint will say we've got 7 point in 13 games. Whatever you think the good ship Argyle is taking on water faster than anyone can bail it out - if anyone is bailing out in the first place. The air of gloom that descended on Home Park is worse than any early February snow blizzard and has attacked the very core of the once family club and spread like cancer. There is no doubt that 7 points in 13 games (7/39 points - less than 1 in 5) that Argyle should really be in the shit with Southampton, Charlton and Watford. It's only by good grace that has kept the ship buoyant. However if you compare last season's overall points with this then we are following a similar pattern, albeit on a lower level.

So where does the buck stop? Firstly with Sturrock and then with Stapelton et al. Sturrock cannot manage and motivate his players on the pitch, and the board have been running the club on the breadline for years. Though it could be argues that bread rather than beef steak has worked and thus the manager has the chance to make a sumptous bread and butter pudding or bread and water. Hollowat did the former, Sturrock did the latter though with a poorer squad of players and whose fault is that - his and the boards! Oh the circular pains of it all.

Anyway, so is it time to main the lifeboats while the band play Semper Fidelis (always faithful, remember!) stoicly and the pursers rearrange the deckchairs? True fans will stay loyal to the sink like the captain when he (supposedly is meant to) go down with it, though no one should blame those who decide to jump like the rats when they see no leadership from the leadership.

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Lord Hutton said...

The leadership problem is common to life in general.
My team are looking at 100 points (just drawing a contrast;-)