Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I spent time away from Plymouth last night and so was oblivious to any of the games last night, it was not until 12o'clock today that I discovered the score.

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Sawyer 67) - 3 Crystal Palace (Danns 20, Lee 27, Oster 43)

And all I could do was laugh. I've gone past the stage of despair and anger and just take it as the norm that every game will be a loss and that relegation if a near certainty. So there's no reason really to pay any lip service to what goes on on the pitch. In fact working it out I believe I will only see 2 more games in the flesh: Swansea and Blackpool away due to holidays, weddings, stag dos and work. By the Swansea game I expect the club's fate to be signed sealed and buried.

To many the joy has gone out of the game and we can all call those who give up not proper fans and wave good by smug in the fact that those who stay are real hardcore stalwarts. Then laugh and jeer if they come back when things improve. This is a different debate for another time but the Argyle fan "family" is very exclusive and wary of anyone who has never been through the hard times. It would seem that this exclusive group would rather they had the stadium and the team to themselves. However, Sturrock commented that last night the fans (as a whole) did not give up on the team and were upbeat for the whole 90 minutes; which is a very hard thing to do. But off the terraces the current plight, along with that of our Championship years has split and torn the support in many ways. It is very unlikely that there will ever be any harmony amongst the Green Army again.

Looking back since last year these what I used to call Match Reviews have become less and less about what happened on the pitch mainly because there's only so many words you can write about crap, a disjointed, uninspiring performance with no substance. A but like the Addick's pie last week. One thing's for certain, there's no way that the Greens will finish higher than last season. When "run by fans for fans" was dropped and replaced by "onwards and upwards" it is clear to see that not only was there a shift away from being a close run community club but a serious jinx on it too!

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