Sunday, 15 February 2009

Every Man for Himself

Charlton Athletic 2 (Racon 31, Bailey 68) - 0 Plymouth Argyle

So the women and children are safely in the lifeboats while the old ship Argyle is slowly being swallowed by the league table it's time for the shout of Every Man for Himself. The Greens are now without a win in 13 games and have amassed a grand total of 7 points out of 39 with the league position dropping like a stone to just 5 points of relegation zone.

Charlton should have been an easy 3 points - every said so - the team rooted to the bottom of the table on the brink of administration managed to pull off the unthinkable and win. 2 superb goals and a missed penalty which only thanks to the best player of the team, Larrieu and his feet, was saved. Now you could blame the referee for the 1st goal which came from an unclear decision between goal kick and corner kick - orange player thought goal, red thought corner, and so did the ref, which was cleanly punted home just before the break. Then Summerfield conspired to handle the ball off the start of the second half and conceed a penalty which was magnificently handled by the keeper. This reprieve did seem to spur on the flagging clueless Pilgrims into attempting some sort of a game of football but it was never to be. Sturrock's team has never come back from being 1-0 down since his return so the prospects were dire. And so it was 2-0.

Apparently there was a 45 minute 'clearing the air' session in the changing room after the match in which Sturrock and everyone had their say (Clearing the Air is tantamount to nuspeak for Slanging match is it now?) and the board has given their vote of confidence in Sturrock. He now has everything at his disposal to change things around. Except a transfer window. Now isn't 13 games a bit long to be waiting before things started getting heavy in the dressing room? It has already been suggested that the management has lost the dressing room after the episodes with Stack and Walton, is this true and if so can it be regained?

If anything it is a gamble if he does leave or gets pushed that anyone will come in to fill his place. Summerfield Snr would be the caretaker manager and he's worse than Sturrock according to some. But would anyone be willing to come all the way down here to tread where many have trod before just to plough up the same old same old? Probably not.

On a lighter note, Charlton now sell pies. After the berrating they got for the last 2 seasons of not selling them they now have Steak or Chicken Curry flavoured pies. They were awful though.

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