Saturday, 28 February 2009

Luggy's Tactics are Pants

Now at sometime there has been call for any supporter to question the manager's tactics, but now be have conclusive proof that Luggy's tactics are pants.

Aside from the late substitution and the belief that playing players constantly out of position, Luggy now believes that the best way of winning games is by donning his lucky underwear. Now nearly every supporter has matchday rituals - from walking the same root to the ground, eating the same food, going to the toilet at the same point in the game etc - likewise players probably go throgh the same ritual every week, must punch the same place on the doorframe before walking out on the pitch etc and Sturrock is no different. So Sturrock's new belief is in changing his underwear regularly and driving a different route to the training ground every day. A slight difference in opinion between doing the same thing and doing completely different things, but then the Scottish like to be different.

We'll see what works when Ebanks-Blake has scored his hattrick.

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