Saturday, 21 February 2009

What a Waste

Plymouth Argyle 2 (Fletcher 49, Gallagher 70) - 2 Sheffield United (Webber 63, Halford 72)

A draw after a battling game. But a battling game that twice saw Argyle take the lead and twice saw them concede within minutes. A battling game that could have seen Argyle go 8th from bottom but has in fact made them drop one place to 5th from bottom. 3 points, 1 point. But at least the Greens played better. Does that make everything alright? Does the fact it is a draw save Sturrock's head from the block for longer than if it was an outright loss? We are closer to relegation after all.

Notwithstanding that Fletcher made is debut goal making Sturrock's signing and decisions seem worthwhile - but can he keep it up? Likewise that Gallagher finally returned to some sort of form after a break. But still a bit of blame to shift to the referee, some more to United for their 'cheating' ways, and the disallowed goal by Mackie but we'll ignore that we were still a disjointed team and that Sturrock may not have made the right substitutions (again). But we'll definitely ignore Larrieu's blunder for their first as recently he has been the most consistant player on the team.

But will this herald a change in fortunes? Not bloody likely if you call that result "lucky"! Has it stopped the rot? Probably not. Woz we robbed? Maybe. However a draw at the moment is still not good enough.

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Lord Hutton said...

Pessimism seems the core motivator of most supporters. I am no stranger to it. It certainly was with my club, until we seem to be up for 100 points in a season!