Monday, 20 October 2008

You Can't Win Them All

Derby County 2 (Hulse 45, Green 52) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Gallagher 8)

By all accounts a good solid display with an out of sorts scoreline that doesn't do justice. Aside from a short wobbly period Argyle had a solid game starting well with Gallagher's "wonder goal" off his left foot after just 8 minutes. And 1 goal advantages are not Argyle's speciality. And conceding early goals just gives you time to come back. It's no surprise that the wobbly period happened when Derby, skippered by ex-Green Connolly, scored twice to take all 3 points.

But Derby did have an advantage. They knew what was coming. As I said in my previous post, Derby had 2 weeks to study everything to do with Argyle while Luggy could only fiddle at training. The exact same team ran out at Pride Park that had run out the last 5 games and Derby probably knew who, what, where, how and what sized underpants. Though the Argyle goal probably just served to put their backs up and caught them off guard especially as it was scored from outside the penalty area.

But as the old adage goes, you can't win them all. But not winning in this league has a big impact. Argyle have fallen from 5th to 13th as quickly as they climbed from 24th to 5th. Is it time for a refresh in the team this Tuesday? But then again, what really are the options?

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