Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Or Maybe you Can

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Fallon 18) - 0 Preston North End

Preston CrestAfter losing at Derby, Argyle replied with a very scrappy and nail biting win verses Preston. Sturrock kept faithful to the predictable starting 11, but cracks are starting show. Some will say that a win is a win is a win and that there should never be any negativity. But there is always room for improvement. If the team are looking tired then substitutions are needed, but none were forthcoming except for Fallon's injury which might see him out come Saturday. Preston were always in with a chance and came very close many times save for Larrieu's keeping skills, and they had these chances because there was plenty of poor passing and possession all over the field. With games coming in quick succession now, there needs to be some freshening of legs, but it's a huge gamble to make: a win and your fine, a loss and you're head's on the block.

On another Home Park witnesses a bizarre account of officiating with referees and assistants who were clearly confused by this 'football officiating' business. The guys in black were inconsistent throughout the game especially with fouls - near identical offences warranting a host of different outcomes, and an assistant who couldn't tell when a ball was in touch or not. Maybe they were all upset at being told to get off the pitch by one of the groundskeepers during their pre-match inspection.

Update: Apparently Fallon's fine. So we all know the team for Saturday.

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