Wednesday, 1 October 2008

2 Points Lost or Take the Draw

Bristol City 2 (Akinde 63, Nobel 88) - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Mackie 6, Fallon 18)

A division of opinion over this result, did Argyle lose 2 points or should we be happy with the draw? After the second half performance of City and the scoreline turning 2-2, some have cited that 'we would have taken a draw before the game', whilst others believe that after the strong Argyle first half performance they fecked up and threw away 2 good points. And indeed the Turnips fans certainly agreed that it was a case of 2 points lost with their '2-0 and you fecked it up' chant.

So, what went wrong? Sturrock kept faithful to his winning formula with just one change on the bench with Noone replaced by Paterson. And it paid off immediately with 2 goals within the first 20 minutes from Mackie picking up the ball from Seip, followed by Fallon's 10 yard volley. Going into the break Argyle were well ahead in gameplay and seemed to have it sewn up, but pride does come before a fall and half time is probably the most crucial 20 minutes ever in a football match because this is when games are really won and lost. And it was Bristol who capitalised on this after what must have been a very blue-aired dressing room, the Robins ran out on to the pitch with new found confidence and took over the field and control of the game. Argyle were being held to ransom and it was probably inevitable that they would get a goal back. But not two.

Sturrock's team again tired very easily under the attack and heads began to drop, tempers flared and mistakes were made. And substitutes were made. Ineffective substitutes were made. Again, whilst the opposition took full use of their subs and changed the game, Sturrock made some forced changes because of tiredness that really did not do anything to the team's momentum. The fact that we have professional players who cannot stand a 90 odd minute game is very worrying. What is more worrying is that we cannot make full use of our small squad because of fitness, personal clashes and poor form. On top of that some players have to leave. Not a good situation.

But Argyle do remain unbeaten in 4 games, which considering what has come before is a huge achievement and they remain in the top half of the table in 12th position.


GreenSam said...

In fairness, the displays against Watford, Palace and Notts Fot proves that our professional player can stand a 90 minute performance.

This is merely one time that they haven't.

GreenSam said...

Sorry, that's mean to be "Notts For". As in the abbriviation for "Forest".

Lord Hutton said...

Oh dear, my mate Neal will be happy about today's result. He is from Sheffield