Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wednesday, Tuesday, Which Day?

Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 1 Plymouth Argyle (MacLean 22)

Well they've only gone and done the double. The fixtures computer threw up Wednesday twice in the same month (and then not forgetting the other Sheffield in the same week) and gave the chance for Argyle to beat them within a month. 5 goals to nil.

A sickness bug forced some changes to the squad, which begs the question, would Sturrock have done made changes anyway? It seems not as the defence remained the same. Just one more chance. However elsewhere MacLean was installed along with Paterson and Walton which paid dividend for Steve as he netted the only winning goal in 22 minutes after giving 110% off the blocks against his old club.

By all accounts, a much improved performance. Though can you get worse than poor? Actually, with Argyle, yes you can. But the players have pulled their socks up (or had them pulled up for them) as they held out the early lead that can go astray all so easily.

So this Saturday sees a return to the red side of the Steel City. Stupid really. Lets hope the 4 journeys do not have an adverse affect.

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