Saturday, 25 October 2008

Appallingly Bad Foul Play

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Cathcart 80) - 3 Ipswich Town (Garvan 28, Garvan 41, Lisbie 48)

There is very little positive to be taken from today's woeful game verses Ipswich save for a few individual performances. Sturrock's faithful (save for one enforced change because Fallon is injured meaning McNamee got a start) were tired and stale in a very poor performance, and Ipswich, knowing what they were getting, took full advantage. The only saving grace being Cathcart's 80th too little too late goal. Couple the team's inadequacies with bad officiating and you have a wasted afternoon at Home Park and 3 lost points in a yo-yo league.

The referee managed to hand out 11 yellow cards and convert another to a red (to David Norris - karma not his best friend) in a stop start, 90 minutes of cluelessness. Oh and a was it or wasn't it penalty. It wasn't, apparently. Argyle were on the offensive from kick off and missed two fairly easy goals but once they were 1-0 down all hope evaporated as goal 2 and 3 came. Few saw Argyle getting anything on the scoresheet as it could have so easily been 4,5..-0.

So what now? Sturrock says time for freshness and about bloody time too, he hopefully in a
roundabout way be saying that he pushed his faithful too far . Ipswich were the football team and Ipswich went home happy. Next week is the turn of the two Sheffields, unusually both away, but they might not have the referee to distract from their performance then.

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Lord Hutton said...

11 yellows? jeez