Friday, 3 November 2006

Stadium Review #3 - Stadium of Light

Since I haven't been able to get to away games this month, here's a retrospective of Sunderland, home of that 3-2 win...

Ground Information: Stadium of Light (Sunderland FC)
Capacity 49,000

Appearance: A recently new stadium (1997), this is an impressive affair, if in the middle of a building site. The two tiers on two sides give it an interesting shape, especially with the additional turnstile entrances/stairs to the upper tier built away from the main building. Include the fact that the pitch is below ground level, meaning until you get to the stand everything is on the level; this is an excellent stadium. The seperate ticket office with toilets was well thought out. 9/10

View: Superb (as far as I can remember). 8/10

Getting there: Located north of the river, it would be a fair old walk from the town centre, but add the fact that there's a major A road straight to the site, numerous park & ride/park & walk schemes, and a metro system; you couldn't get lost. It's just the 16 hour round trip from Plymouth that's the killer. 7/10

Facilities (toilets, TVs etc): The concourse was rather small for the amount of fans a club could bring, meaning it was quite crowded with the Green Army. The usual TVs were available and plenty of relief facilities. 7/10

Food and Drink: Only had a cup of tea to give a cafine boost! 6/10

Stewarding/Police: Horse mounted police with wooden battens! But else no trouble. 8/10

Surrounding area (what's there to do outside the ground): Nowt. I was planning on walking over to the town centre but gave up as I got lost. 4/10

Home fans (their contribution to the atmosphere etc): A whirlwind of a game meaning ups and downs for both sides means an electric afternoon 6/10

Total score: 55/80

Which reminds me that I never claimed my pint from Ollie for going. Hmmpf.

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