Sunday, 12 November 2006

Out Foxed?

Leicester thought they had it all sewn up.

After a "not as good as the previous two away games" performance by the Greens this Saturday, Leicester were absolutely sickened by Hayles's 90th minute equaliser. Having watched their first half lead disappear because of “Leicester reject, Lillian Nalis”, this was too much for some Foxes to stomach as they slowly and quietly filed home past the jubilant Green Army.

It was a quiet game for some of the players, especially second half when we didn’t really get started, but we sure finished! The run of game was different too – we didn’t set up as many chances as before, but this time we scored the goals.

And how unlucky is Aljofree? How can one man get injured so much? He should have a kit made of bubblewrap.

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