Saturday, 25 November 2006

"How did we come out of that with a result?"

Was the comment made by a Leeds supporter after today's game.

On one hand I feel quite indifferent about today's 2-1 loss, which put us 12th in the table, mainly because I had the feeling that, Argyle being Argyle, we wouldn't deliver. It seems quite difficult for us to turn over teams at the bottom of the league when we should be hoovering up the points.

On the other hand it's because of this lack of ability that I'm quite angry. Did the team turn up today? Like last week at Southend they put in a lacklustre appearance and the 'feel good factor' which was sweeping the club, and all the 'Premiership-here-we-come' optimism has vanished. Some are now even predicting a relegation battle.

And to top it all they decided not to perform in front of the biggest crowd to date; would anyone have been impressed enough to return? Would they have heck.

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