Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Saturday morning get down to the Superstore

Urged Saturday Superstore (BBC Saturday mornings 1982-87).

The Argyle shop blossomed into the Argyle Superstore in 2005 when the “village” expanded. Then they began their conquering of Cornwall with ‘official merchandisers’. Now Argyle are ready to take a jump into the world of ‘big retailing’, be it for a limited period.

From Monday (13th November), the Superstore is opening a branch at the new Drake Circus shopping mall in Plymouth City Centre and will be open until Saturday 23rd December. It’s not quite known what form this’ll take, but considering the short amount of time, a proper unit seems unlikely; maybe the exhibition space near M&S and H&M will host a temporary shop?

But it certainly is a step in the right direction. Many other clubs have a shop in their respective town centres (Wolves, WBA, Southampton spring to mind) and Argyle are long due a more permanent presence in Plymouth, as opposed to the limited range in Derry’s. And this doesn’t have to be in Drake Circus itself if there are rent issues – there are plenty of other empty units around. Let’s hope if this is a success, that one day another Superstore becomes a reality.

However, it does seem strange to stop before Christmas, why not hang around and catch the January sales too?

Drake Circus website
Official Site announcement

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