Sunday, 19 November 2006

Being generous

Why are Argyle so generous? Why do we give away points like yesterday?

After Djordjic’s 4-minute goal, Southend were ready for a defeat. Until half time. What happened? It seemed no one could be bothered playing another 45 minutes, which Southend capitalised on; the guys seemed rather wooden.
And when Southend equalised, the new gung-ho go-for-goal mentality didn’t appear and inspite of Ollie sending on two strikes, last season’s ‘settling for the draw’ attitude seemed to have reared its ugly head.

And the problem with corners is still prevalent, do they not get practiced? Stop fafffing about, when it’s booted in the box none of the attackers are in the right place or it goes straight to their keeper – mark him for crying out loud, and when it’s passed short, there’s no one around to back up.
All in all it was a strange day – strange stadium, strange game and a strange Green Army, who, like the players, didn’t really get going second half. And to add insult to injury, Stoke are above us in the table.

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