Saturday, 28 October 2006

When will we be taken seriously?

or “Plymouth Argyle? Who?”

As the title suggests, when will people start taking Argyle seriously? People refer to us a “Little Plymouth” – see many a fans’ forum – ITV1’s “The Championship” give us (if we’re lucky) 45 seconds’ of coverage, Sky Sports News seldom have live match reports and match reports in the Monday papers have shrunk to half a column.
You would have thought that maybe since the win over Sunderland (which earned us a full spread in several national newspapers – all be it about how poorly the Black Cats played), “Little Plymouth”, currently 5th in the table would be worthy of a second thought.

But then again, flying “below the radar” is useful, for we can quietly creep our way up the table, holding our own, demolishing the so-called ‘big teams’ and next season we’re in the Premiership.
Then let people ask “Who are Plymouth Argyle?”


Rob said...

It best we keep quiet.

No point drawing too much attention to ourselves. Whilst the media are ignoring us you can guarantee that other teams aren't taking us lightly.

Not sure about the 45 minutes on the Championship though.

Prodigal Green said...

Ha! Oops, 45 minutes, that was wishful thinking!