Friday, 6 October 2006

What goes up...

...might not come down.

A few days ago the RFU (Rugby Football Union) announced they were considering ending promotion to/relegation from their Premiership (BBC News Article). The decisions they make are bound to make the FA sit up and take notice and considering the amount of clout the ex-division 1 teams and Sky TV had which resulted in the formation of the Premiership, this may result in an "exclusive" English (football) Premiership too.

I for one would not see the point as currently the Premiership is seen as the 'promised land' flowing with milk and honey (or rather money) and team strive to reach the dizzy heights of top league football. Indeed Argyle have aspirations in that direction. What would there be to aim for? What would be the point of playing if the only way is down?

[of course if Argyle do the (im)possible and win the Championship the above views don’t count!]

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