Friday, 6 October 2006

A face for radio

Yesterday I decided that I definitely had the face for radio. The BBC had a mini roadshow at the Drake Circus opening with live Radio Devon broadcasts, meet the presenters and a chance 'read the news'.
Having gone along to engage in some banter with the legendary (Sir) Gordon Sparks, I was collared to take part in a 'radio play'. Intended to be recorded live for broadcast in half term, I was partnered with two other members of the public and BBC's Matt Woodley to play the roles of Spider crabs(!) Unfortunately the two ladies were too quiet for the recording so it had to be redone with a new cast, so my second 10 minutes' of fame won't materialise.
Whilst I was on a roll, I decided to have a go at reading the news (which incidentally included a massive 6-0 win to Argyle against Manchester United). I was duly presented with a VHS recording to watch later...

...I won't be gracing your TVs on purpose in the future.

BBC Radio Devon

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