Sunday, 15 October 2006

The Sky's the Limit

Today Sky TV came to Home Park. Judging by Plymouth's past performance in front of the cameras and the fact that they haven't beaten Derby for 20 years, it proved a great 3-1 victory with two penalties from Wotton and a goal from Samba in a scrappy, card-ridden game.
Plymouth managed to overcome some very dodgy refereeing decisions, playing most of the second half with 10 men and some of that time with 9 after Aljofree's injury. Even if he second penalty decision was down to Hayles's theatrics it makes up for some consistancy issues and it's the final score that counts.

What the viewers don't see - the Sky Sports studio

The Mayflower touchline cameraman

The three points mean that currently Argyle are in the playoffs in 5th place. Ollie has installed a new mentality at Home, Park for the immediate equaliser by Derby would have had us closing ranks and Doumbe's sending off would have meant the beginning of the end last season. To quote Holloway "Maybe more people will take a bit of notice about us now because we are not one of the fashionable clubs."
A big well done this afternoon lads.

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