Monday, 2 October 2006

Play up Sky Blues

Saturday (30th Sept) I set off with the infamous "Bananabus Boys"[1] to the Coventry game with excitement but not knowing what really to expect from the guys.

Actually they are a great bunch of fellas and I enjoyed my time with them. This would be the first time that hadn't gone to away matches on the official Travel Club coaches - an alcohol free zone, and I must say that several (many?) units of alcohol makes watching Argyle play all the better. Should have tried it during the Pulis era really. It also lubricates the throat so the chantting came a lot easier than before! (I'm normally quite reserved).

Argyle had regained their away form with an excellent performance, and awarded the Green Army with a late goal thanks to debutant Cherno Samba. Argyle's game has improved greatly from the Hoofball experience of last season and you know that when we are down on goals we'll have a goal, and we won't be happy to draw.

The Ricoh[2] is an impressive stadium but a 19k attendance made for a lot of empty seats and they had a very quiet home support!

The win certainly helped the home journey and yes I did get my shirt off (see [1]).
Unfortunatley I can't go to the Barnsley or Palace games due to working so my next away will be Leicester and I've booked on the BBus.

[1]The Bananabus boys are a group of guys who travel to away matches mostly from Cornwall. They used to travel in a yellow minibus. They have a certain 'reputation' and their fashion for "Bananabus justice: shirts off, naked as God intended" goes before them.

[2]A Coventry fan travelling with us told me it stood for "Relegation is Coventry's only Hope"

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