Monday, 2 May 2011

You've Never Had it so Good

A misquote by PM Harold MacMillan, sometimes atttributed to Margaret Thatcher. MacMillan was of course talking about post war 1957 Britain that the Conservatives had built and we all know what came of them. Similarly a few years ago the Green Army had never has it so good; the club were riding high in the 2nd tier of English football with a bright manager and a youngish up and coming team, but yet on the verge of a second successive relegation, this time into the 4th tier of the football pyramid, as Liam Byrne wrote to his successor at the demise of NuLabour, 'Sorry, there's no money left'.

During the flying high times, the board were lamenting the 'never had it so good' message to all, with promises of Premier League football and a(nother) 5 year plan, and many believed it. Though as is clear to all the personal greed of those in charge, the reluctance to let go or seek investment, got in the way of the real goal of a football club - success. Instead, as even now in administration, property development took over. The World Cup bid was in the main a quick fix way of getting the stadium finished, and the surrounding area covered in money making property, and when that inevitable fell, as there was no longer any strong footballing foundation, the club crumbled. Even still, the direction Guilfoyle looks to be sending the club appears to be the same, with no attempt to market the club to anyway, and only property developers interested.

And so, as Argyle head into another history repeating recession, how long before the Green Army have never had it so good again?

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