Monday, 2 May 2011

10 Years

10 years ago in 2001/02 Argyle escaped from the 4th tier of football (then known as Division 3), 2 "5 year plans"' worth of time, just to end up back at square one (well, npower League 2, not quite Blue Square One - yet). In fact, Argyle's wikipedia entry has already been updated! Was it worth is? Has anything actually been learnt?

It took the Pilgrims 4 years following their relegation in 97/98 to climb back out of Division 3/League 2, then a consolidation year in Division 2/League 1 before reaching the dizzying heights of the Championship. How soon is the comeback going to happen this time? As we all know it is no one's god-give right to play at any expected tier of football (outside the more established Premier League teams where they have preferential treatment anyway); there were expecting a bounce-back on relegation to League One and no doubt the same are expecting an immediate come back this time. But Argyle are not like that as history foretells.

Meanwhile, the actual existence of Argyle in League 2 is still not guaranteed. Whoever updated wikipedia may have been too quick off the mark.

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