Sunday, 8 May 2011


Last Friday Argyle's creditors agreed to the CVA and accept less than a pound return for every £1 invested in the club. That hurdle over with, the next is the announcement of the preferred bidder - who is rumoured to be neither of the forerunners so far.

Following the end of season 1-4 blow-out loss to Orient in traditional Argyle style, now begins the process of rebuilding (yet again) the club both on and off the pitch for the start of life in League Two in a few month's time. Certainly the 60% of income cap on wages will be interesting to watch being played out, with many players still on Championship wages. A few will most certainly be leaving, and already loanee and first choice keeper, Button, has returned to Spurs following the end of his contract. And so another era in the history of Argyle is set to begin. Let's hope it's done correctly this time.

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