Saturday, 30 April 2011

We'll Never Play you Again

How often words come back to bite you on the arse, especially those that sang the song at Exeter all those years ago. Well now it looks like the shoe'll be on the other foot as Argyle are teetering on the edge of League One, with one dainty push to send them plummeting down to oblivion. As it is the escape clause involves Argyle winning verses Southampton (who are still pushing for Championship promotion following Huddersfield's win) and Orient, and everyone else losing. Thus, relegation is odds on. The second Devon derby, Argyle lost 1-0, though the rumours doing round Exeter's home pub were that it was 1-1 just before full time, mean that Argyle may very well not being playing Exeter for a while, but the wrong way round. Following two impressive wins, the inconsistency of the team reared its head again, when the Greens could really show any fight in the last 5 minutes.

Meanwhile in Home Park, precious little is happening regarding finding an investor, with the Trust, Guilfoyle and others hedging their eggs in one basket of J Brent; though Buttivant has now offered a future that squares more with what the fans want his bid is being publicly derided by those with the sway. The list of PAFC creditors was published recently and is a telling one, if printed full size, it would have taken up 2-3 sides of a tabloid paper, meaning the debt is in the region of £17m. As Argyle look like they've buggered up survival in the league, will survival in the world end in the same fate?

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