Saturday, 19 March 2011

Perry & Croft

The happenings at Argyle are akin to a Perry and Croft ilk of sitcom.

Home Park is turning into such a French farce ('Allo 'Allo); none of the bidders are willing to pay the staff until the end of the season, forcing them to accept contacts deferring pay or get lost (and not get JSA due to making themselves unemployed!). This thus raises the question of why anyone is bidding - is it just to acquire an asset at a cut down price and sod the football/staff/supporters, or are they not financially affluent as they should be to support a football club - and thus just resuming the cycle that has dogged Argyle for years/decades/centuries? Others demand that PCC take pack Home Park, but with most of the city not giving two hoots about PAFC, and after their expenditure on an Olympic sized swimming pool (Hi-di-Hi), that ain't ever gonna happen. Even so, all the bidders are property-centric allegedly, so HP will be the biggest asset, so never mind the football club. Will the new lot cut off the branches that keep PAFC Ltd alive (Oh! Dr Beeching) too?

But 'Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring!' (Dad's Army) says Guilfoyle, although the HMRO are pushing for a football club to be liquidated and wound up, Brendan is adamant that won't happen to Argyle.

Meanwhile the Trust is sitting round trying to do something but isn't sure what - their demands are for the new owners of the club to co-operate with them, but they are still very new with little funds and no way to represent their members outside of Plymouth in decision making save for a closed message board that has banned a portion of the members. Yet the heart is in the right place, but will it be just a case sucking up to their betters - the directors (You Rang M'Lord?), rather than a proper representation of the fans?

What'll happen next? Monday is the next milestone, with the club's creditors due to start to respond to deals. 'Glass of water for Mr Grainger' (Are you Being Served?).

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