Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chris Dawson

How revealing that CDS supremo Chris Dawson has invested in Yeovil Town, when, at the height of the problems with Argyle when asked he stated he was not a football person, and would never consider investing in Argyle. So why the sudden change of heart, and what is so wrong with the Greens that he would set his sights on the greens 72 miles away and not those on his doorstep?

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Anonymous said...

Once again, Chris spoke to te council, but unlike yeovil the plymouth council did not grant the proposals to build on existing land. He wanted to build a retail park next to home park. But this was rejected...

Another bad decision by the council. He is a business man not a charity, so would have made the area more profitable and busy.

Chris does not owe anything to Plymouth, he has 1 store and 49 others elsewhere, so a mere 2% of his income is from Plymouth.

It is no shock nobody has rushed to buy the club as there turnover does not meet the clubs wage bill.

The Yeovil deal is a retail investment and he wants nothing to do with the football, it just means the land being leased is going to Yeovil.

So in other words, Argyle had a chance to accept a proposal but rejected it, valuation was wrong.

Hope that gives you a better insight into why Yeovil was selected!