Sunday, 6 March 2011

Another Suitcase in Another Hall

Many times in the history of Argyle comes the question 'so what happens now?'. Managers leave, boards leave, players leave. But nothing as big as administration has (in living memory) happened before. So what happens now?

Obviously, Argyle still play - fighting for survival in League One, rather than survival full stop. Which is all that can happen, as, until the administrator has done his stuff, nothing can happen. Once creditors have been paid off as far as possible, a new board needs to be sought. What does this mean day to day for fans?

What happens to the free buses on home days (currently paid for by supporters association)? What happens to coaches to away days (currently paid for by supporters again)?
What happens to the football special tickets on Great Western? Presumable FGW are not being reimbursed the difference, so why should they still offer the deal.
What happens on home match days? The ticket prices will be what? What'll happen to the staff and stewarding, and police and ambulance cover, and catering? They're not being paid, why should they provide the service?
What happens to Centre Spot in the mall, and the merchandising?
What happens to the sponsorship deals? Presumably no one will touch Argyle with a barge pole any more.

Who knows until it happens.
Let's all just go to Buenos Aires for the streets are paved with gold.

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JJ said...

Will they sort these problems out ? check out m blog as well