Friday, 4 March 2011

End of the Beginning

"This may not be the end, this may not be the beginning of the end but it may perhaps be the end of the beginning" Winston Churchill

Argyle finally, though quicker than expected, went into administration today. Not that it wasn't unexpected, but it finally means that the greedy directors who led the club into the mire have finally gone, hopefully never to darken the doors of Home Park again. There are apparently 3 parties interested in PAFC, who wouldn't touch it whilst the current directors still had their mitts on the place, which should now hopefully come forward with a more coherent, football-fan orientated business plan. The thought that the (now ex-)directors really believed they can have some involvement in nu-Argyle is laughable, but now even they should get their comeuppance in the loss of any hoped for returns. However, the other creditors - namely local business, staff, the Youth Trust etc - will be the biggest losers. What hope is there now of investment from the local area if and when nu-Argyle is launched? At least Argyle still exist, just. And the bunch of wasters should be long banished from the Theatre of Greens.

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