Saturday, 11 December 2010

They're not Getting Paid

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 0 Exeter City

...That's how much it means to them, they're not getting paid.

So take that Exeter, revenge is so sweet after knocking us out of the JPT, this is where it matters. Although a run in a cup, any cup, would have been good for income, the state that Argyle are in at the moment means they can ill afford to concentrate on anything but survival as a club. And such a fact must have rubbed off on the players and for once they seemed to give it their all. And they must have learnt how much the local derby means to the Green Army following the poor JPT performance. The off pitch entertainment was not as interesting this time following the police crack down, even so someone did manage to get on to the pitch. Though how much income from today has been swallowed up by the iron fist? On a purely emotional footing it's bloody fantastic, on a rational footing, what will happen next

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