Thursday, 23 December 2010

Blue Christmas

Argyle have now received their 4th winding up order from HMRC, this time against PAFC Holdings Ltd, to be heard in court in January, ahead of the ones received in the last few months. Argyle hope to petition the judge to hear all 3 at the same time in February, however this is looking decidedly dodgy. For the cub to receive 3 orders within a matter of months means that the ghost of PAFC future could well come true and end up in the graveyard; no remorse from the NWO and a turkey on Christmas Day will sway the taxman. Apparently the staff at Argyle have finally been paid, along with the 2 grand donation from fans, but even this is too little too late for the NWO. Such incompetence now means that youngster Connor Clifford is unable to stay for the arranged loan extension, meaning a much weaker team to field. For many fans have turned against the board after giving them the benefit of the doubt and a 4th winding up order is too much to stomach and extremely frustrating and yet the silence from Home Park is deafening. Argyle may no longer exist in 2011.

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