Saturday, 4 December 2010

Blessing or a Curse

They say a week is a long time in politics, but when politics and football collide it can be even longer. On Thursday the world held its breath for 30 extra minutes before it was revealed that Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup and 10 seconds before the New World Order's dreams shattered to pieces. So what happens now? The NWO have publicly put all their eggs in to the one WC basket as a cure-all for Argyles woes. This week came the revelations came out that no staff have been paid and the club's bank accounts have been frozen, add in the problems with paying the police bill for the Exeter league game, the postponement of the MK Dons game due to the weather, it's been a rough ride.

Argyle go before the High Court next Wednesday for the hearing regarding the winding up order. There has been no indication of a plan B for the Greens from the NWO, and even now no one has categorically stated what will happen to save the club. Now some supporters have taken things into their own hands by reestablishing the supporters' trust, with the first meeting before the Exeter game - should it go ahead. As Argyle may not be able to meet the extra policing costs due to the combined mix up of the JPT game, there are options of calling the game off (incurring a fine), playing behind closed doors (losing all revenue) or playing without Exeter supporters present (losing some revenue). All three options mean Argyle lose out on precious income that, come next Wednesday, could be extremely important.

The lead up to Thursday's decision was hailed by the NWO as the be all and end all, now that FIFA have snubbed England with just 2 votes - and don't forget Plymouth may not have even been a host city even if the bid was successful - it's crunch time for the NWO. If, as some believe they are just property developers, will the lack of opportunity to develop mean they leave, or do they now concentrate on actually building a footballing team? Wednesday 8th is the next big day for Argyle. What will the next twist be?

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