Wednesday, 8 December 2010


So Argyle have sucessfully appealed to HMRC to defer the debt owed by 63 days. In one way such a decision is good because it should give the NWO chance to sort the place out, on the other hand it just means the prospect of the same thing happening again more. If the club don't have the finances now, how are they going to have them then? Except of course the nu-saviour Ridsdale is hovering, and so are the supporters' trust. January's fire sales will come and go as usual, so will the Exeter game - which could yield the biggest income of the year, only to be swallowed by the police bill - and also the potentially poor performances, because Reid will have no one but the current squad (minus a few) to work with, and that ain't worked so far. In short, Argyle are still in the shit.

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