Saturday, 27 February 2010

One Step Forward...

Sheffield United 4 - 3 Plymouth Argyle

The reason given by many for being at the wrong end of the league table was the inability to score goals. Well that's been taken care of, no one can doubt that 3 goals in one game, and at least one goal in every recent game is marvellous seeing as they were a rare sight this season. So now how come the Greens are scoring but still losing? The obvious reason is the inability to keep a clean sheet and conceding sloppy goals. Therefore Mariner and Carver's next point to address is the sloppy defending that is letting the opposition through like a sieve. Stupid mistakes by all, coupled with poor starts that look like the team are tired before they've even started, are now glaringly obvious.

Argyle are advancing along the road to improvement, but the going is slow. The road ends in a few months, and the sufficient improvement to be keeping on the A roads is still a far way off. Next season on the B roads is still looking a real possibility.

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Lord Hutton said...

A spell in Div 3 does some clubs a power of good;-)