Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hanging by a Thread

Reading 2 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Well that's it really, 9 points adrift from the safe zone and no prospect of winning sufficient games to make up the required amount of points. Besides you need goals to win and that ain't going to happen, and every other team needs to lose and that's not likely either.

There was hope as the Greens clawed an equaliser, but the last minute penalty put paid to that. Controversial it may have been, but why ever get into a position where one could be given in the first place? Poor play, which as basically been the club's problem since Sturrock came back. And now Mariner's glasses have acquired a green tint as he insists every thing's OK (all right it's not mathematically impossible yet), he even sounds like Sturrock on his interviews!

Sir Roy, the man who never fails is fast sliding back to oblivion. The brave New World have said little about the club's plight now they've secured the World Cup bid, once again there's no money and a transfer window squandered. Blame the stay-aways is the cry - but with a team and management that has been seen before, really, who can blame them?

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Neil said...

Of course MAriner is going to claim it will be ok, that is his job. What manager is ever going to stand and say "well we are going down folks", while there is stil a chance no matter how small.