Friday, 19 February 2010

Elvis has left the Building

Ex Argyle physio Paul Maxwell has finally left the club following a suspension shrouded in mystery and rumour. Maxwell was suspended by the club at the beginning of the season around the same time as players were falling out of favour like flies, and lead to rumours that Maxi had let his mouth run free, upsetting Sturrock. Some will say good riddance to a bad apple, but 18 years of service is nothing to be sneezed at.

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Anonymous said...

There have been a few rumours about Paul "Maxi" Maxwell and why he left Argyle. The most popular being the running of his mouth to the papers. Better yet, the more accurate might be that he used approx 90% of the clubs entire phone allowance (over a 9 month period) texting/phoneing someone who "was not his wife nor known to his wife or his family" from the time his wife was 10 months pregnant with their 2nd child, well until that child was 7months old and the Mrs caught wind. I hear she stormed the grounds while Argyle were at pre-season in Scotland, and managed to blag copies of the phone bills saying they needed for their accountant. But the best part, is after she obtained the copies, she told Argyle that in fact she couldn't use bills for accountant as all 6800+ calls/texts were not to her, but to some other woman unknown to the Mrs. That incident was not 2 months before Maxi's suspension. So was it something that he did or just who he was ?? Or a combination of both.