Saturday, 13 February 2010

2 years, 49 days

Barnsley 1 - 3 Plymouth Argyle

The amount of time since Argyle came back from being behind to win (Boxing Day 2007). What a statistic! And who would really have thought that it would have been broken today? Such wins are a fantastic celebration amongst the grim reality, however it will be a chance for the warring fractions of green and brown tints to lock horns again and many punches will be thrown along with name calling ("you're not a proper fan"), coupled with the fact that Fallon finally found the net, some serious muck slinging will be going on.

The win currently puts the Greens now 6 places off Reading (them being out of action in the FA Cup today), which seems not so much of an insurmountable gap any more. The next game is at Home verses Swansea on Tuesday, followed by Leicester. As the home form is currently abysmal, what pray will the gods of football bring Argyle's way?


Lord Hutton said...

A rare victory. I shall be there on the 20th

Lord Hutton said...

Along with 2 Argyle colleagues