Thursday, 4 June 2009

We Built this FC on Loan Players

Hurrah! Luggy's going to try and go wild in the aisles of the loan mart, though he's cautious that loanees will be in high demands because of the economic climate.

Luggy's been in contact with 5-6 Premier managers with a view to talking to 20 agents for loan players for next season and thus has his "finger on the pulse" to target the players he wants.

So are we to actually possess any proper players next season, or are we going to be transient with loanees coming and going, propping up the team? In one way, given Sturrock's poor choices for permanent deadwood last season a turn over of players would be good - bring 'em in, if they don't cut the mustard send 'em back. And his loanees performed the better job last season to keep the greens up. But is it really a viable plan?


natasha said...
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Lord Hutton said...

No substitute for home grown IMHO