Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Black and Grey Barmy Army

The new Argyle leisure wear is now available at the new look Argyle Centre Spot. And Plymouth Argyle seem to now be paying homage to newly relegated Newcastle United. Everything's gone black and grey.

Now traditionally Argyle's colours have been Green and Black, then white joined in and more recently gold, yellow and orange have crept in. So in some ways we're going back to basics, however, where is the green? Argyle are just one of 2 English league clubs who play mainly in green, but you would not have thought that by looking at the leisure range. Adidas's new kits for us have been off the peg and so is their leisurewear, so whilst they can be applauded in some way of rejecting pink, luminous yellow, orange, brown, red, azure (though, we haven't seen the away kit yet!), this may just be taking things one step too far.

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