Monday, 15 June 2009

3 Prong Attack

Argyle chairman, Stapleton has set out his threefold plan for the Greens and the way forward on the day that the news on the takeover was that there was no news. His aims are:

To resolve the proposed takeover of the club by director Yasuaki Kagami as soon as possible.

To ensure the Pilgrims are run on a profitable basis.

To set medium to long-term goals for the Home Park club to try to achieve


1. To resolve the takeover.

This has dragged on and dragged on with no look of ending with little twists and turns such as the American interest, the savioured fan rep on the board, those in the know by some fluke sticking their feathered tails up at the proletariat, but nothing happening. Apparently a board member, Phill Gill, as resigned and sold his shares Yasuaki Kagami making Shoanan Management Company making them the largest stakeholder. This apparently is meant to lead other members selling their shares to that Kagami then holds 51% of the company, meaning that he can then take over. There is no doubt that Shoanan are involved in PAFC Ltd as they hold a number of shares, so what is going on that is holding things back. Stapleton mentioned back that he was desperate to ensure the club's integrity after the takeover. This leads to the question of what exactly is Kagami, who is not known as a football fan but a property developer, planning for the Pilgrims?

2. To ensure the Pilgrims are run on a profitable basis.

Should not be too difficult for am accountant, he's always said we're in a good situation and yet sometimes the mask falls. Last season the Greens made a loss and the perennial 'not big enough gates' is chanted after every match (it's mentioned in the article - have a look!). The waste of money by Sturrock last year coupled with the regular sell off of the family silver shows a different story. Sturrock's one out one in attitude to this summer's transfers and the desire for the takeover starkly shows that there is no money left.

3. To set medium to long-term goals for the Home Park club to try to achieve.

Another 5 point plan? Just 'survival is a big achievement' for the foreseeable future? Let's face it the Premier League is not going to be achievable by Argyle, and the club won't want to set the stakes that high - they haven't in 100 odd years, even when "if we're there, we'll go for it". So why would they now? So what is a medium/long-term goal that is achievable?
Answers on a post card please.

To be frank, it's not really anything exciting either. Number 1 is an immediate concern that has to be dealt with, number 2 has been going on since Stapleton and co too over, and number 3 is just paying lip service to the supporters.

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