Sunday, 14 June 2009

Newsround 14/06/09

As there's bugger all exciting happening, here's a few titbits from last week.

The Takeover

"Days away" is the new "imminent" as the takeover is week on week just 'days away',]although this week is has now become elusive but Stapleton is not worried but confident that there is no problems of 'relationships' causing tensions and delays. Last week it was learnt that Americans have been connected with K&K's interest. These things do take time to complete properly - we don't want to be going off half cocked do we? - but it ain't half frustrating that it's not done and dusted so the 'rebuilding' of the team can take place.

Team News

Homegrown Luke Summerfield has extended his stay at Home Park. Summers is a love-hate player who divides opinion because of his standard of play and his ability to be picked above other players when he's going badly.

On a brighter note, after a year of trying, Sturrock finally got his man by signing Carl Fletcher permanently to become the Pilgrim's first signing of the summer. Fletcher is more favoured among the Green Army and the signing has been the high point so far.

And in the rumours, ex player, Graham Coughlan could be returning to Home Park to take up a coaching role. Cocko was a well liked and respected player during his time for the Greens but does he have the necessary to coach a Championship team?

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