Tuesday, 13 January 2009

You say Hello, I say Goodbye

Transfer window time again and it's half way through. So what has happened at the good ship Mayflower?

Well most obviously that Stack is no longer welcome at Home Park by the frank statement issued by Sturrock (Stack For Sale) in which he says he hopes that Graham will no longer be here by the end of the month. Stack started as first choice keeper before being dropped following the run of defeats that saw the Greens relegation fodder in September. And that's where he stayed. Unlike any other player who was dropped, Stack has never appeared again - even on the bench. What has gone so badly wrong? Some online forum members publicly brand him a 'Twat' following unsubstantiated rumours that he is a bad influence in the changing room.

Then there's Walton, the latest dudd "big signing" wheeled out in the summer to appease the fan's annoyance at there being no transfer movement for the biggest deal ever, and then nothing. Taribo West anyone? Unlike West Walton at least featured in some games culminating in his red card at Barnsley which saw him transfer listed for, effectively, insubordination.

And the Mpenza, another dudd flash signing who has features very little since his unveiling due to injury and then in the main just a 10 minutes here or there. This is a pivotal month says Sturrock in order to prove his worth (well, Paul pick him first) or it's the door. Again.

And not forgetting Marin who left by 'mutual agreement' to return to France who couldn't cope with Championship style football. Another waste of time, effort and money.

Sturrock says he's be very disappointed if no one came knocking for any players. Well we are a selling club after all and he does seem to have a lot of players he wants to get rid of.

And at the other end of the scale what have we got? Another loanee from Manchester United, Gray, who if hopefully is on the same scale as Cathcart can only be a good thing. Well he did get straight in the team for the Arsenal game, but then he did score an own goal.

The excuses however have come out as early as the 6th January that it's too cold to see any games. Instead Sturrock has resorted to the old fashioned telephone apparently. So will there be some panic buys in the next few weeks? Why are we so crap at this?

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